Monsterra Marketplace is a P2P marketplace that allows users to trade all kinds of in-game items such as Landplots, Mongens, Soulcores,... Monsterriors can also open Treasury Boxes purchased on our sale with GameFi & MetaverseStarter to see these items or trade these boxes right on the market. Besides, Monsterra marketplace enables users to convert Binance NFT items into NFTs for trading and playing. Unopened Binance NFT Treasury Boxes are not NFTs and cannot withdraw.

Note: Please login with the wallet address you use in the game, so all the NFT items you have will show up in the inventory tab of the marketplace and vice versa. After you successfully buy an item, that item will also be in the inventory tab of the game interface.

Official mainnet link: https://marketplace.monsterra.io/

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