How to play?

Updated on May 8th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

Arena is a mode where players use their own Mongen team to face off against another player's Mongen team.

Arena is Monsterra's first real-time online PvP mode

Setup your team

Arena allows players to set up up to 3 teams to provide flexible tactical choices for players.

Each player team can set up a maximum of 6 Mongens.

In Arena mode, Mongen's troop needs to be set up but not be trained.

Race & Rarity

Race and Rarity are special features of Arena mode.

Race and Rarity have many trigger milestones. You need to set the number of Mongen in the team to be equal to or greater than the required number of milestone to activate the effect.

The activated effect is the effect of the highest activation milestone

You can activate different Race and Rarity effects in the same team

Race and Rarity effects may vary by season

Matchmaking & League

Since Arena is a real-time online PvP team mode, players will be queued up when clicking find a match.

The system will be based on the following criteria to pair two players with each other:

  • Arena mode of player choice

  • Player's Current Elo Score


After being matched, the player performs the following actions within the system's limited time

Select team to battle

During this phase, the player is shown brief information about all 3 of the opponent's teams.

Players need to choose one of the 3 teams they have set up in advance to participate in the battle.

Tip: If you can guess which team your opponent uses and choose your team to counter, your win rate will increase

Set up the battle position

During this phase, you need to carefully position each Mongen in the team.

Depending on both you and your opponent's team, you need to position the Mongen exactly according to the set strategy.

Auto battle

During this phase, Mongen of both parties will automatically attack.

If the battle time ends, the winner is the one with the greater total damage.

You can send emotes to your opponent to express your personal feelings or even provoke him.

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