How it work?

Updated on September 9th, 2022. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

The effect from the Decoration landplot affects the adjacent landplots.

A landplot that receives the same effect from many different Decoration landplots, the value of stat from these effects will be stacked but not more than the specified maximum value.

The stat bonus effects for Mongen from the decoration landplot only apply to Mongen contained in Habitats that are placed adjacent to that decoration landplot.

The stat plus effects for invasion team only work with Mongen on the attacking side in the modes: Adventure, Battlefront, Boss Challenge, Event.

The stat bonus effects for the deffender team only work with Mongen on the defensive side and are placed in Watchtower, Turret, Military Camp in Battlefront mode.

Arena stat effects only work with Mongens in Arena mode.

Stats for Mongen and for race-specific Mongen have stacks.

Stats for the entire game mode and for a specific game mode have stacks.

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