Basic Skill

Updated on March 20th, 2022. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

Basic Skill

Basic Skills are affected by the following stats:





Base damage of skill.

This stat determines the amount of damage the skill deals to the target.

Range of skill.

Energy Gained

This stat determines the amount of mana the caster receives after successfully performing the skill.



Movement Speed

Preferred target

Each skill will have its own preferred target.

When that favorite target appears on the map, the caster will prioritize using skills on that target instead of other targets.

Here is a list and icons of favorite targets:



No preferred target.

Mongen is preferred target.

Troop is preferred target.

Landplot is preferred target. Priority target: Storage > Farm > Camp > Tower > Bombard > Other

Area of Effect

Each skill has its own area of effect (AOE)

Here is the list of categories and the symbol of the AOE:



Single target is affected by this skill

This skill affects all target in small area.

Targeted Mongen and all of its troops are affected by this skill.

All targets hit by beam are affected by this skill.

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