MAG Vault

Updated on April 11th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

What is MAG Vault❓

MAG Vault is a new innovative feature released in the upcoming update, allowing all players in the game to receive MAG token rewards based on the previous day’s MAG revenue.

How does MAG Vault work❓

In MAG Vault, players will operate in the following flow:

Step 1: Burn their NFTs in the Vault

NFTs burned will be converted into points. The NFT burning points run in a 28-day cycle.

For example:

  • If NFT A is burnt on Feb 1st, its point due date is on Feb 28th.

  • If NFT B is burnt on Feb 2nd, its point due date is on Mar 1st

The player’s score will be updated every hour after the burning. Points in NFTs burning will take effect in the next hour.

Step 2: Claim your MAG rewards.

The more points accumulated, the more MAG rewards to be gained.

MAG Vault Reward Pool💎

MAG will be paid to players hourly. The player’s MAG stake ratio depends on the portion of NFTs they have contributed to the pool and the time of burning. ✔️The more NFTs burnt, the more rewards received in returns ✔️The sooner NFTs burnt, the more days to get sharing revenue

The player’s stake will be divided into 5 pools:

  • Common Pool (5% of Total Pool)

  • Uncommon (10% of Total Pool)

  • Rare (40% of Total Pool)

  • Epic (30% of Total Pool)

  • Legendary (15% of Total Pool)

Each time an NFT of any rarity is burnt, the player will receive a corresponding amount of rarity stakes - for example, if player X burns 01 CO Landcore, she/he will receive 100 Common Points from the MAG Vault pool in return. Each player can burn different NFTs of varying rarity to receive MAG rewards from different pools.

What is MAG revenue sharing❓

Every day, the entire amount of MAG tokens that users use in the game including upgrading, breeding, skipping time, skipping quests, etc will be recorded as MAG revenue. The project will deduct part of this revenue to share with players:

  • 85% for MAG Vault

  • 10% for MAG Staking

  • The remaining 5% will be burned.

With the revenue sharing mechanism, Monsterra believes players’ profits can be maximized and enriched significantly in the upcoming time. This is also our way to show great gratitude and go along with the community for the huge support we have received.

*Note: The above ratio can be adjusted according to the operating situation.

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