Updated on January 7th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

What is Troop?

Troop are smaller beings that have been bonded to Mongen since the time that Mongen was born. That bond is extremely strong and cannot be broken in any way.

Troop can be used as follows:

  • Defend land.

  • Attack other player's land.

  • Attack boss.

  • Compete in the arena. (WIP)

  • Challenge the abyss tower (WIP)


Rabbit ________________

The cute white rabbit can madly bite enemies on the battlefield with his fury.

Banbit ________________

He is good at stealing. Don't underestimate what a rabbit can steal.

Rab Pom Pom ________________

Rabbits come here to party. Rabbits come here to mess around. Don't play with rabbits.

Crytalbit ________________

They are descendants of the Jade Rabbit of the Moon. Extremely powerful and powerful.

Black Mist ________________

Legendary creature with deadly power


Each species of Troop is divided into different rarity:

The higher the rarity of the Mongen, the more superior stats it has.


Troop's stats will be calculated based on stats of its bonded Mongen.

Each Troop has basic stats encompassing of:



Determines the amount of damage that the Troop can take before defeated.

Stands for how much damage is reduced before decreasing Health.

Works as bonus damage amount for using skills.

Defines the rate of critical attack.


Troop has the ability to use Basic Skills and Ultimate skills like Mongen.

Troop's Basic Skill and Ultimate skill cannot be changed like Mongen.

Troops belonging to different species and having different rarity will have different Basic Skills and Ultimate skills.

Training & Capacity

Troop can be obtained through training at Training Ground that has rarity value higher and equal to the Troop rarity.

Troop training takes food and time. Depending on the rarity of the troop, the amount of food and time required to train varies.

Each Mongen has a different total Troops amount and different from the amount of Troop can that be used in the battle. Those amounts are determined by the rarity of the Mongen.

NOTE: You must set up a troop's tactical before you can use them in the battle mode

To set up a troop tactical for each mongen, you need to open mongen information -> Click on the Troops tab​ -> Choose the number of each troop.

Note: The maximum amount of each troop that can be used in a battle is 2.

When you join the battle, the Mongen's trained troop will join at the ratio you set in the tactical. If the number of trained troops remaining is less than the number of troops required by the tactical, Mongen will only use the remaining troops.

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