The quality of your Mongens is an important characteristic on the court, but not the only decisive one. The best Mongens bring you little if their Loyalty is in the basement and they can no longer keep up with fitter opponents, for example. And dissatisfied Mongens do not achieve their maximum possible performance on the battlefield. These are things that you shouldn’t neglect.

You must take care your Mongens from birth and plan battle schedule for maximize Morale effective. The Mongens stats will be increased of decreased depends on Morale status included:

  • Very Unhappy

  • Unhappy

  • Content

  • Happy

  • Very Happy

Each Morale status will define a range of buff or de-buff value of Mongens stats. And Morale status is changed after every 8 hours or a certain level up times or evolve times or consume skill stones.

Morale status is affected by Mongen's Loyalty and how many battles did Mongen fight in. Loyalty value is affected by below actions:

  • Be reset after each transfer or trading between users.

  • Increase by feeding or evolve or consume skill stones.

  • Increase slowly by winning battle fought.

  • Decrease slowly by losing battles fought.

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