Updated on January 7th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

How to breed in Monsterra?

Mongens are social creatures so Breeding Den is where new Soulcores appear after the breeding progression finished. Mongens can be bred to create new offspring. To avoid hyperinflation of Mongens there is a maximum amount of times an Mongen can be bred before it is sterile.

Laying a Soulcore need two Mongens and costs MSTR and MAG depending on rarity of the Mongens and how many times the Mongens have been bred. The MSTR portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on a myriad of economic factors.

Monsterra does not sell MAG to players directly. MAG can be earned by playing the game. Once you earn them, you can withdraw them to your wallet from this page.


As a quick refresh, each Mongen consists of 6 different body parts, including Form, Head, Eyes, Horns, Tail and Back. The child Mongen will be born based on gene of their parents and grandparent. Each Mongen gene contains:

  • Primary Trait: Body parts of Self-Mongen

  • Relative Trait Father: Body parts of Father-Mongen

  • Relative Trait Mother: Body parts of Mother-Mongen

  • Hidden Trait: Body parts of Mongen race

The traits define the personality of each Mongen and these are randomly created. In other words, each trait has different probabilities of appearing in the next Breed. You can check table of the probabilities that have to appear the traits below:

Breeding cost

  • MAG cost per Parent

  • MSTR cost per Parent

Breeding duration

Each Breeding progression requires different amount of time based on rarity of Parent:

Breeding Exp

EXP earned per Parent

Hatching duration

Each Soulcore requires different incubate duration based on the Soulcore rarity:

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