Mutated DNA

Updated on May 19th, 2022. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

What is Mutated DNA?

Mutated DNA is DNA that has changed its base stats through mutation.

The base stat changed by the mutation always goes into a pair with one stat increased and one decreased. The two stat in that pair are not duplicated.

The DNA inherited to the next generation through breeding is the original DNA, which has not been mutated.

Mutated DNA is displayed in the Mongen info interface by borders with colors corresponding to different stats:

The stats shown in the upper right corner are the stats that have been increased.

The stats shown in the lower left corner are the stats that have been reduced.

These stats are the base stats. Increasing or decreasing them will directly affect Mongen's current stats.

How to mutate?

To perform the DNA mutation, the player needs to go to Legend Isla

Step 1: Select Mutation

Step 2: Select Mongen that you want to mutate

Step 3: Select DNA of body part that you want to mutate

Step 4: Select "Start Mutation" and pay the cost

Step 5: Determine the outcome of the mutation

  • Discard: Removes this mutation's stat change. All stat changes made prior to this mutation will not be discarded.

  • Confirm: Accept the changes of this mutation. Mongen's stats will be adjusted according to the change caused by this mutation.

  • Reroll: similar to Discard but will immediately execute the next mutation at an additional 20% cost, stacked up to 200% of based cost.

Mutation Cost & Stat's Range

Depending on the rarity of the DNA, mutation costs and stat change amplitudes will vary.

Every time a mutation is performed, the stats will be randomly generated.


Stat Change Amplitudes

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