Trophy score and League

What is the Trophy Score and League?

1. What is the Trophy score?

Your Land is matched into Wars, against other Lands based on your Land’s Trophy count. In other words, all the Lands in a War will have roughly the same amount of Land Trophies when the War begins.

Every user will have a certain Trophy Score that defines which position they are on the Battlefront leaderboard. If more users have the same Trophy Score, which one got scored first will get a higher position.

For the users who enter the Battlefront firstly, there is an initial Trophy Score: 1200. Users will be matched based on their position on the Battlefront leaderboard.

Your TS will not be smaller than 0. When your score is 0, your score will not change if you are failed in Battlefront again.

2. What is League?

Based on your trophy score, the system will place you in leagues. When you reach the specified trophy score, you will be promoted to a higher league. The higher the players in the league, the bigger the rewards for them.

Your league will level up when your TS is equal to or greater than the next league score.

The Diamond League is a little special. You should have 8200 TS at least and be top 100 in the leaderboard of Battlefront.

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