Convert NFT items into in-game items for usage

Updated on April 11th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

In order to start using NFT items in-game, you have to convert the NFT items into in-game items following below steps:

Step 1: Click on "Inventory" button of main UI.

Step 2: Select supported chain & Click on "Import To Game" button of "On Chain" tab of Inventory UI.

Step 3: Click on NFT items to choose which items you want to convert into in-game items.

Notice that you can only convert items that are same type with the first chosen one each conversion progression.

Step 4: Confirm the conversion transaction.

Step 5: Click "Confirm" button to agree with the conversion fee (Gas fee).

Step 6: Waiting for the transaction complete.

Step 7: Converted NFT items are in-game items now. All of them are listed in "All" tab of Inventory UI and ready to use for game activities.

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