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Updated on February 22th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

What is Abyss Tower?

Abyss Tower is a mode where you use mongens and troop to attack a creature called Boss to pass the floors.

The team that participates in the battle in the Abyss Tower is unaffected by all stat change effects including:

  • Morale effects.

  • Curse & Blessing effects.

  • Decoration effects.

Battle with the Boss in a floor is divided into three stages.

User must pass at least the first stage of the current floor to unlock the next floor.

Depending on the amount of damage you deal to the Boss, the Boss will transform his skills and become stronger.

When he transitions to a new milestone, you will receive a reward. You can only claim rewards at each milestone once per season.

Mongen's HP and Defeated Mongen

Unlike Boss Challenge, mongen's HP in Abyss Tower will be kept through each battle. Switching mongen back and forth between accounts also does not change that mongen's current HP in Abyss Tower mode.

The mongen's HP is stored as a percentage of the current HP over the max HP. So when you change a mongen's max HP by evolving or leveling it up, the mongen's current HP changes as well.

Similar to HP, the list of defeated mongers will also be saved server-wide. So if you transfer a mongen that was defeated in Abyss Tower mode to another account, that mongen will still be counted as defeated in Abyss Tower mode in the new account.

Defeated Mongen will be marked as FAINTED in the mongen list.

Formation & Battle Mechanic Change

Formation is divided into three rows: front row, back row and middle row.

The boss's basic skills will prioritize attacking targets in the order of front row -> middle row -> back row.

Skill RNG is now considered infinity in Abyss Tower Mode.

The boss's ultimate skill will affect all units on the battlefield instead of just specific units.


Every floor, the Boss will appear with any three conditions. This ensures the diversity of Boss battles.

These conditions can be found at: List of conditions

Progress and Season

Abyss Tower is operated on a season-by-season basis.

At the end of the season, all player progress will be reset.

Unclaimed rewards and resources will be deleted when the season ends.

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