How to play

What is Battle Front mode?

Battlefront is a PvP mode in which you can attack other player's land and defend your land from other players's attack.


You can access this mode by clicking on the "FIGHT" button.

Note: You only can join Battlefront mode while the Battle Season is opening. A Battlefront Season will last for 28 days and include 4 majors. Each major will last for 7 days.

Now set up your attacking team to attack other player's land. Click on the "Change Team" button

Note: You only can deploy Mongen which is in the habitat. You can not deploy Mongen which is assigned to produce food or defend the land.

You can click on any Mongen to change their troop tactical. Remember that this is only the tactical, only trained troops can join the battle.

You can see how to change Troops's tactical here

To attack an enemy, click on the "Find Enemy" button and select the enemy you want.

Note: You only can refresh 3 times per day.

You need to spend energy to attack or refresh. The energy cost will be showing up next to the action.

Your enemies will be players who has closest position to you on leaderboard(same league). If you don't know what is Trophy score and league, you can read them here.

After selecting an enemy, you will see a preparation screen. Try to deploy mongen as much as you can to defeat the enemy. Or you can surrender if you think you might not be able to win them.

If you still want to fight, deploy your mongen then click on the FIGHT button

The victory rate is based on how much destruction did attacker do with defender.

Destruction rateRank


1 star


2 stars


3 stars


You need to build defensive land plots and assign mongen to defend your land.

There are 4 types of defensive land plots:

  • Watch Tower (need to assign 1 mongen)

  • Bombard (need to assign 1 mongen)

  • Trap

  • Camp (need to assign up to 2 mongens)

Click on the defensive land plot then assign mongen

For more information about the defensive land plot, you can read it here.

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