How to play

What is Adventure mode?

Adventure is strategy gameplay that which users can use their Mongens and trained troops to attack NPC's land. The main goal is to destroy the opponent's land plot as much as possible.

Each battle will cost 1 energy. The player deploys Mongens to the location marked with a green plus. The maximum number of Mongen deployed in a match is 6.

The Mongens will bring their trained troops to battle. If no troops have been trained, Mongens will join the battle by themselves.

Each stage will have its win condition and rewards. If you qualify for 3 stars, you will be able to move on to the next stage.

After deploying the position of Mongens, the player can press the fight button to start the battle

You can check your Mongens status on the left column.

The winning condition will be shown on the right bottom

On The top-right, you can see the amount of food you have stolen from the enemy.

The match will end when 1 of the following 3 cases occurs:

  • All attack force is eliminated

  • All constructions of land are destroyed

  • Limited battle time is over

The result sence will show up the food you have looted from the enemy.

You also can see the Statistic of Mongen (Damage dealt, damage received...) and the amount of experience they earned from the battle

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