Updated on October 24th, 2022. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

What is Mongen?

In Monsterra game, the main characters are called "Mongen“. Each Mongen has a unique rarity created by unique DNA codes. These creatures can be used as follow:

  • Production.

  • Defend land.

  • Attack.


There are 5 different races of Mongens in the Monsterra world:

Each type is weak and strong against other types:

Beasts are better at defense than offense. The hard scales that cover its strong body serve as an inviolable shield from any attack.


Each Race is divided into different rarity:

The higher the rarity of the Mongen, the more superior stats it has.


Mongen's stats will be calculated based on the race, body parts, and rarity figures. Each Mongen has basic stats encompassing of:



Determines the amount of damage that the Mongen can take before defeated.

Stands for how much damage is reduced before decreasing Health.

Works as bonus damage amount for using skills.

Defines the rate of critical attack.


Mongen has the ability to use Basic Skill and Ultimate skill to fight.

The Basic skill and Ultimate Skill system are divided into the following rarity:

The higher the rarity, the stronger the skill's power.

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