Race & Rarity Set 3

Updated on June 5th, 2024. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

In-game figures may differ from those in documents


Effect: Beast mongen and their troops place one stack each time they attack the target and an additional stack for each unique negative effect the target has.

Each stack represents a certain amount of HP.

When the cumulative HP equals the target's current HP, the target is instantly defeated.

Effect: Tectos mongen and their troops gain more damage reduction for each unique negative effect they has.

Effect: Mystic mongen and their troops gain more ENG for each unique negative effect target has

Effect: Every 3 -> 6 seconds, Celest mongen emits a pulse that clears all negative status and heals allies for an amount equal to 3% of that mongen's -> exposed mongens maximum HP.

The RNG of ​​the pulse depends on the amount of each undefeated Celest mongen in the team.

Effect: At the start of the battle, Chaos mongen and their troops are teleported to the back of the opponent's formation, becomes untargetable, indestructible and receives +30RNG for 3 seconds.

Chaos mongen and their troops' critical hit have a chance to apply side effects that are not currently on the target. This effect lasts for 15 seconds. This ratio depends on amount of unique negative effect the target has


Effect: Based on the activation milestone, common mongen and their troops gain some effects:

Effect: When a uncommon mongen and their troop is defeated, all enemy targets within range receive all negative effects the defeated unit has for 15 seconds

Effect: Attacks from rare mongen and their troops have a chance of imparting to the target a status disadvantage they currently have with same duration

Effect: "Mongens isolated in pairs become ""Couple"". When a mongen in a Couple gains a new negative effect, it ignores receiving that effect if the other mongen in the Couple is carrying the same effect. The number of ""Couples"" per match is based on the activation milestone"

Effect: Every time your legendary mongens and their troops receive a negative effect, there is 50% chance to apply the same effect to the attacker.

Legendary mongen and their troops deal bonus damage for each unique negative effect the target has

Activation order of effects at start of battle:

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