Race & Rarity Set 1

Updated on May 29th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

In-game figures may differ from those in documents


Effect: Tectos mongen increases their chosen stats by 4% every time an opponent's unit -> unit (mongen and troop) is defeated. That bonus stat is 2x if it's mongen.

Effect: When Mystic Mongens cast their ultimate skill, they cast that skill again with damage reduced.

Effect: At the start of the battle, Chaos mongen and their troops are teleported to the back of the opponent's formation, becomes untargetable, indestructible and receives +30RNG for 3 seconds and deals more damage with critical hit


Effect: Every time your uncommon mongens and their troops receive a negative effect, there is a chance to apply the same effect to the attacker.

Effect: Basic skills of your mongens and their troops have a 50% chance to gain more energy.

Effect: Each time an epic mongens & their troops takes damage by a skill, deal damage to the attacker an amount based on the damage the attacker inflicted

Effect: The first time legendary mongen are defeated, they are continue fighting with 1 HP for a few seconds. During this effect, they are immune to all effects and deals 200% bonus damage

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