Race & Rarity Set 2

Updated on Dec 5th, 2023. Actual in-game values may vary from those shown in this document.

In-game figures may differ from those in documents


Effect: Skills of Beast mongen and their troops deal bonus damage based on their max HP.

Bonus damage is tripled if it is ultimate skill.

Effect: If your team has at least 1 Celest mongen alive, each ally unit that is defeated trigger "Second Wind" effect for 3 seconds.

Second Wind: During effect time, target is immune to all negative effects and damage.

Effect: At the start of the battle, Chaos mongen and their troops are teleported to the back of the opponent's formation, becomes untargetable, indestructible and receives +30RNG for 3 seconds.


(Troop's stats are adjusted accordingly.)

Effect: At the start of battle, Legendary mongers with the highest combat points in row will absorb a mongen (exclude troops) of the same row with the lowest combat points to increase their own stats.

Activation order of effects at start of battle:

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